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Random trivias about more seiyuu. This time, Yuuki Kaji, from 2ch and other japanese seiyuu sites:

  • Kaji’s first role is in Ouran High School Host Club as Chikage Ukyo. Still, his starmaking role was when he voiced Hope Estheim in FFXIII.
  • Kaji have but selective few of games in his own, although he still owns many console in his home.
  • Kaji mostly plays RPG and Adventure games and he’s pretty bad in Fighting games. He admitted that if he played a fighter, he just mash random buttons and hoped for the best.
  • He is into culinary and photography. That being said, he’s actually one hell of a big eater; he could even eat everything on his dining table if he wanted. Despite that, his body stays ideal magic.
  • Although not on Sugita Tomokazu-Nakamura Yuuichi or Daisuke Ono-Hiroshi Kamiya level, he and Nobuhiko Okamoto are the best of bros.
  • Thanks to Okamoto as well, he once stated that Zettai Ryouiki is the best, while laughing out loud. Dunno if he’s joking or not.
  • A lot of video game/anime studio admitted that his voice is more than perfect for a main protagonist.
  • Despite how a lot of 2ch-ers hated him for hogging a lot of your-everyday-protagonist roles, they still admitted nonetheless that his voice range is pretty amazing in some of his roles. Under Night In-Birth’s Seth and JoJo’s Johnny Joestar, to name two.
  • Nakamura Yuuichi stated that Sugita started to influence the boy, for better or worse. Indeed, as of late 2012, Kaji’s starting to turn into an… ‘insane’ person, for the lack of better terms. Sugita himself approved of this and asked Kaji to continue his own daily dose of hilarity. Oh, Sugita.
  • He idolizes a lot of veteran seiyuus; Souichiro Hoshi and Norio Wakamoto are his top two.
  • Kana Hanazawa, Aoi Yuuki, Aki Toyosaki, as well as a lot of other female seiyuus dubbed him as ‘王子’/’ouji’/’prince’, due to most of his characters’ charmingness and fabulousness.
  • Just like Nakamura Yuuichi, he’s pretty fond of wearing formals. Most of time he was in an interview, he wore one.
  • Kayano Ai compared him to a puppy once, as he’s pretty soft and submissive IRL.
  • Kaji’s favorite anime is AnoHana, while his favorite video game is Chrono Trigger.
  • Kaji and Okamoto once did a piggyback race competition on a seiyuu gathering, with Kaji piggybacking Kana Hanazawa and Okamoto piggybacking Ayana Taketatsu. Although Okamoto was the one that triumphed, it ended way more hilarious than it sounded.
  • Hiro Shimono stated that Kaji’s bed hair was amazing. Pretty ambiguous, much?

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