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So I was playing with Agito’s pkt files, and I found Eight’s model with the red cape. There are also the model of Deuce, Nine, Machina, Rem, and Seven with Class Zero cape (The rest are probably going to be gradually included with Agito’s game update, that’s my guess), and they are around the same quality/definition as the PSP one, which is nice.

So PSA to fellow Agito players, either these models would probably be unused, or they would form Class Zero back in the later game updates? We can only hope and get hyped


Yes I know this is Agito but I’m tagging Type-0 for a few days because this involves the Type-0 characters and they’re being super cute. This is for this weekend’s event.

Class Battle! REVENGE

Eight: For the practice exercise in suppressing the Thunder Troll this time, Class 5 is challenging Class 4 to a rematch!
Deuce: Rematch?
Eight: Yeah, I want to have a match with Class 4 again, fair and square.
Deuce: Hmm~mm, the match does not really matter to me.
Eight: Seriously?!
Deuce: Yes, because Class 4 will probably win again.
Eight: ……………………………………….
Queen: In order to increase the student candidates’ ambitions, let us hold a discussion. However, if we were to do this match, we should consider the rules.
Jack: If you say that, maybe we Class 12 should participate too~ if it’s about numbers and enthusiasm, we won’t lose to any Class~
Nine: Class 2’s gonna be participatin’ too, hey!
Queen: We should consider the rules, however… how are we able to expect any fairness in this…
Naghi: Sorry for bugging you guys when you’re all fired up, but isn’t it time you return my Mithril Lance?
Nine: Geh?!
Jack: Nine, you still haven’t returned it?!
Nine: Guu——- I’ll return it to ya later! Just wait a lil’ more, I beg ya!
Queen: The amount of damage dealt by each class will be divided by the number of participants and the average amount of damage dealt will be calculated… this would be perfect.
Ace: Hey… regarding this battle among the Classes, I am the only one in Class 0, therefore how should I-
Eight: Alright everyone! Let’s aim to knock Class 4 off their spot, so let’s get to training immediately!
Everyone: Oooouh——!

Actual word is opposition, but “battle” makes it simpler whoops. Since not many people are playing Agito, a lengthy explantation on their chat:

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